Employment Law

The attorneys at Heit Law Group want to build relationships with and serve solution-oriented dreamers who aren’t afraid to question the status quo, who strive to better their environment and community, and who want to contest being wronged.

We want to work for individuals and businesses who seek to have an impact on people, groups, and society as a whole and to work with those who view their contributions as substantial, powerful, and significant.

Our services are clustered into two areas to meet these goals: business law services, including general counsel services and copyright infringement; and personal law services, such as domestic relations, employment law, and personal injury law.

If you’re ready to move forward in your business endeavor or personal life, take the next step by engaging with our firm. You choose: Call (310) 744-5227, email us, or complete our Contact form. You may also learn more about the types of issues we handle by visiting our Business Law and Personal Law pages.


From your initial consultation to the conclusion of your legal matter, our attorneys will keep you connected to and involved in the process—no automated messages, no unreturned calls, no sky-high bills after weeks of no contact. Just personal, satisfactory service and desirable, optimal outcomes.  

Every legal situation is different. Contact us toda
y so we can deliver real solutions for you. Call (310) 744-5227, email us, or complete our Contact form. We never charge for your initial consultation.


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