Personal Injury

Accidents can happen to the best of us, and a personal injury lawyer in California can help you recover damages if another person’s negligence has resulted in your injury.

There are two types of negligence: gross and ordinary. For example, if a driver has been drinking and causes a serious accident, this is considered gross negligence because he or she was performing an illegal act while driving a vehicle. The driver should have known that his or her actions could put lives at risk. But if a driver simply got distracted behind the wheel, taking his or eyes off the road to read a passing sign, this is considered ordinary negligence.

In both types, the driver is negligent because their actions violated the duty of care they owe to others around them, and this violation caused you to be injured. Under California law, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. It’s crucial in these situations to work with a personal injury attorney.

How Your California Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been injured and want to know if you can recover monetary damages, a personal injury lawyer will help clarify what your legal rights are given the situation. An attorney can advise you on what you should and shouldn’t say, and whether or not the at-fault party’s insurance company has a right to make you sign documents legally.

For example, you are required to provide the other party’s insurance company with any medical records that pertain to the treatment you received as a result of the accident. You do not, however, need to sign a full medical release or they could have access to your medical records going all the way back to birth. The reason the insurance company might seek to subpoena your previous medical records is to try and prove that your injuries are a result of a pre-existing condition rather than the accident.

They might also try to get you to settle on a certain amount of money, but your attorney might advise you that you could be entitled to much more.

Having a California personal injury lawyer on your side is essential because you need someone to help you navigate complex laws.

The Types of Damages You Might Be Able to Recover

When you are in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, this should not cause you to fall into a financial hole. Your personal injury lawyer might be able to recover damages for medical bills, lost income if you are unable to work as a result of your injuries, loss of companionship, wrongful death and funeral expenses, and even pain and suffering.

Paying for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people who are involved in accidents are not financially able to pay for an attorney before they reach a settlement or win their case. With a contingency fee arrangement, your attorney does not charge you any retainer or upfront fees; they will take a percentage of the damages you receive. There is no money out-of-pocket for lawyer fees.

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Every legal situation is different. Contact us toda
y so we can deliver real solutions for you. Call (310) 744-5227, email us, or complete our Contact form. We never charge for your initial consultation.


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