Heit Law Group is a team of experienced real estate lawyers and professionals. We have the skills and knowledge to provide the legal services you need to resolve any issues related to real estate. When buying or selling real estate, you absolutely need a real estate lawyer. Real estate agents and brokers are not allowed to give legal advice regarding the transaction. Their main goal is to get the sale closed as quickly as possible without any delays. Remember, they work off commission. You do not want to find out your closing was not done correctly after the transaction occurred, possibly costing you even more in legal fees.

Here at Heit Law Group, we have experience in many areas of real estate law, including representing either the plaintiff or the defendant during foreclosure. We can enforce judgments and/or liens. We can also assist with loan modification litigations as well.

Our attorneys and staff have assisted real estate clients in bankruptcy filings and litigation matters, including quiet title litigation and negotiations. In addition, we have addressed habitability involving slumlord litigation, landlord-tenant issues, real property transactions, purchase/sale disputes, pre-litigation negotiations/settlement discussions. We also handle agent/broker misrepresentations, appellate litigation, adverse possession, HOA litigation, and construction defects.

Call us at Heit Law Group for a free consultation with a real estate lawyer, and let us see if we can help you.


From your initial consultation to the conclusion of your legal matter, our attorneys will keep you connected to and involved in the process—no automated messages, no unreturned calls, no sky-high bills after weeks of no contact. Just personal, satisfactory service and desirable, optimal outcomes.  

Every legal situation is different. Contact us today so we can deliver real solutions for you. Call (310) 744-5227, email us, or complete our Contact form. We never charge for your initial consultation.


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