Whistle Blower & Employment Class Action

When employees report their employer for suspected violations of the law, this is known as whistle blowing. Examples include employees who report suspected criminal activity, labor law violations, or any wasteful or incompetent activity. 

There are laws in place to protect California whistle blowers from retaliation. These laws are designed to protect employees from such retaliation as: 

  • Termination 
  • Demotion 
  • Failure to promote an employee even though it is warranted 
  • Denial of resources to perform job correctly 
  • Making the workplace so intolerable the employee has no choice but to resign 

Filing a Whistle Blower Retaliation Lawsuit 

If you bring suit against your employer, you might recover damages, including lost wages and benefits; compensation for pain, suffering, and loss of opportunities; and reimbursement of legal fees. In addition, your employer could be required to pay punitive damages. 

You might also be able to sue if your employer retaliates against you because it is believed you filed a complaint against them but didn’t. For example, you tell a coworker of concerns you have that your employer is doing something illegal and comment that you might report it, but you never get around to reporting it and are still fired because your employer believes you did. 

It’s important to talk to a California whistle blower attorney if you believe you are the victim of retaliation.   

Class Action 

A class action lawsuit is typically filed on behalf of many victims who have suffered injuries by the same company, either through misconduct or a defective product. All of the victims are represented in one lawsuit that is usually initiated by one or more people who believe they have been wronged. If the court agrees to recognize the suit as a valid one, other victims who have also been wronged are invited to participate. This type of lawsuit allows hundreds and even thousands of victims to stand up against a powerful corporation to punish its wrongdoings. 

Types of Class Action Lawsuits 

There are four different types of class action lawsuits. 

Product liability or personal injury—This type of lawsuit is brought against companies that manufacture a product that causes injury or even death to consumers. Examples might include a pharmaceutical company selling a drug without warning of potentially serious or deadly side effects or unsafe children’s toys.  

Consumer—These generally include situations in which companies act unethically or illegally, causing financial injury to consumers. Examples might include hidden charges on bills or excessive fees and penalties. 

Employment—When an employer violates labor codes, such as not paying overtime or not providing a safe environment in which to work, employees might file a claim. 

Securities—Securities lawsuits are usually filed on behalf of investors who have been hurt financially because of a corporation’s deception. 

Talk to a California class action lawyer to find out if you have a strong case. 

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